Verifications of Refunding Transactions

Our refunding verification services team was created for our arbitrage rebate clients. We saw a need for accurate calculations and refunding verification reports, often at the request of financial advisors and bond attorneys. We work with clients throughout the Southeast on everything from straightforward refunding transactions to intricate and multifaceted computations.

Our services include independent calculation
and/or verification of:

  • Cash receipts from escrowed securities
  • Escrow requirements and verification of call provisions to one or more source documents
  • Sufficiency of escrow cashflow to pay escrow requirements
  • State and Local Government Series (SLGS) rates are less than or equal to max SLGS rates
  • Terms of SLGS or other escrow securities
  • ​Terms of refunded bonds and refunding bonds
  • ​Yield on the bonds for all interest rate mode structures
  • Yield on the escrow or escrows
  • Savings and present value refunding savings
  • Weighted average maturity of refunded or refunding bonds
  • Multipurpose allocations or transferred proceeds
  • Call premiums and deep discount bond adjustments