Utilities Audit, Accounting and Consulting Services

Jackson Thornton Utilities provides consulting services to more than 150 electric, gas and water providers, while maintaining the responsive, personalized attention that is the hallmark of our client-centered service. From data requests and annual filings to testimony before regulatory boards, our clients count on us to provide them utilities accounting with multiple contacts, all with management, consulting and auditing expertise.


Jackson Thornton Utilities consults with electric cooperatives and municipalities to design rates, create business strategy, enhance technology and provide training. Please click here for electric our brochure. Services include:

Strategic Planning. Our comprehensive approach to developing long-range business goals and strategies is a vital means in helping our clients prepare for the future. We can also assist you in the development of Feasibility Studies to evaluate projects and the creation of Business Plans to pursue opportunities.

Cost of Service and Rate Design. We develop and design cost of service and rate analysis, which will reveal your cost to provide service for each rate class and provide the foundation for rate justification.

Financial Planning. We assist in establishing financial goals with both short-range and long-range financial forecasts.

Organizational Review. We evaluate your organizational structure, management and staffing, drawing on our extensive experience with daily operations of utility companies.
Competitive Assessment. We evaluate operational performance and the ability to compete based on financial and performance audits, providing comparisons to industry standards or other utility benchmarks.

Special Accounting Services. We customize accounting services, offering a variety of options that range from income tax planning to evaluations of work order systems, depreciation studies, internal control reviews and calculation of post retirement benefit obligations.

Expert Testimony. In legal proceedings or before regulatory bodies, we give expert testimony based on our extensive knowledge of the financial aspects of the utilities industry.

Natural Gas

In an industry with so many variables, Jackson Thornton Utilities puts our knowledge of the industry to work for you, helping you hedge against cost volatility.

Each Jackson Thornton is a utility consultant provides a depth and breadth of utility experience, helping you analyze risk and potential – all while keeping stakeholders in mind and balancing their interests to yield the best results for the utility. Please click here for our natural gas brochure.

Utilities consultants accounting services include:

  • Cost of service and rate design
  • Capital financing consulting
  • Strategic planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Business plans
  • Financial planning
  • Organizational review
  • Competitive assessment
  • Special accounting services
  • Expert testimony

Water & Wastewater

In an environment where it’s hard to see five years into the future, it helps to look at history. Sixty years of service to utilities uniquely qualifies Jackson Thornton Utilities to guide our clients in an industry that promises change.

We consult with water and wastewater utilities to design rates, create business strategies, enhance technology and provide training. Please click here for our water and wastewater brochure.

Jackson Thornton Utilities is prepared to guide you in making business decisions that will maximize your utility’s performance.

Our business operation services include:


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