IT/Technology Consulting

Jackson Thornton Technologies believes IT should be a tool that serves your overall business goals. That’s why we provide business consulting services to ensure that your technology meets your business needs.

Not every firm can accurately factor in tomorrow’s needs into the solutions you need now. Jackson Thornton Technologies (JTT) does it every day with IT consulting. Built into the very structure of our organization are the unique strengths our people bring: knowledge, experience, adaptability and availability.

Jackson Thornton Technologies offers our business expertise as well as technical knowledge and expertise to maximize your efficiency and productivity, lower costs and make better use of your IT assets.

By taking the long view, we take what we see ahead and apply it to your individual challenges, providing you with an IT consultant who can customize cutting-edge solutions not just for the here-and-now, but for the there-and-then, too. We understand that the server you install has to perform for the long-haul. That the security systems you put in place have to keep out hackers for years to come.

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Learn more about email phishing scams and how they can affect your business. If you’re concerned about the possibility of a phishing attack at your business, or if you are uncertain of your ability to recover from a significant ransomware infection, contact Nic Cofield at 334-240-3648 or email Nic to learn how we can assist.

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