Each day, the professionals and consultants at Jackson Thornton provide the resources and high-quality business advisory accounting services that have forged decades-long relationships with clients across the Southeast.

From a “macro” view of strategic planning to a “micro” view of tax returns and audits, we look at your business’s big picture, ready to help assess your financial goals and develop plans to reach them. Through our business support accounting services, Jackson Thornton can determine the cost-effectiveness of your business’s daily operations while developing a long-term strategy that both conserves resources and maximizes profits.

Another difference we offer: As with a smaller advisory accounting firm, you have the full attention and individual focus of those experts in the services you require. But, as with a larger corporate firm, you have the broader depth of experience of our coalition of industry consultants, specialists, and accountants – in case you need more than one expert to get a job done.

Their jobs may vary, but the established performance standards of Jackson Thornton’s work remain the same, day-in, day-out.

A Little History for the Big Picture

Jackson Thornton, a certified public accounting and consulting firm, was established in Montgomery, Alabama, on March 3, 1919. From our beginning, the firm has operated with personal integrity and professional excellence.

For a century, Jackson Thornton has evolved and expanded to provide more of what businesses need, whether strategic planning, business consulting, technology consulting or specialized industry services.

In the early 1980s, Jackson Thornton Utilities, the first group to establish an industry specialization, was launched. Specialization continued to grow in response to client needs, and our professionals soon developed specialties in other high growth industries, such as construction, manufacturing and healthcare.

Jackson Thornton’s Valuation and Litigation Consulting Group was created in the early 1990s in response to the growing need for experienced professionals trained in business valuation and litigation support services. Over the next few years, we leveraged our extensive experience working with closely held businesses to develop a subsidiary, Jackson Thornton Asset Management LLC  (JTAM) to serve our clients’ needs.

“For more than a century, Jackson Thornton has evolved and expanded to provide more of what businesses need.”

Jackson Thornton Technologies LLC (JTT) was also founded in 1999 to support clients’ information technology needs. JTT quickly expanded to work with a variety of companies including those in the healthcare, education and professional services verticals throughout the Southeast.

In 2016, the firm acquired Auburn/Opelika-based Brantley Boucher & Farr LLP, expanding our reach into East Alabama.  In 2024, the firm opened a new office in Auburn, Alabama to better serve our clients.  Jackson Thornton is the only CPA firm in the Auburn/Opelika area offering full accounting, tax, assurance, wealth management and managed IT services.

While our philosophy of client-centered service has not changed, Jackson Thornton has grown to serve clients in five locations throughout Alabama with a team of more than 200 professionals.