Estate Planning

The decisions you make now will affect your heirs later. As an important part of sound financial management, an estate plan allows you to direct how, when and to whom your property will be distributed after your death, ensuring your wishes are carried out. An estate plan allows you to protect your assets and provide security for your heirs.

Your Jackson Thornton estate planning accountant knows that a will, though a cornerstone of any estate plan, is not necessarily the final word on distribution. We also know that estate plans are not just for the “wealthy” and not just for minimizing taxes. Anyone who owns the property – a home, investments, retirement plan, life insurance – can benefit from an estate plan.

In addition to estate planning, we can help in other wealth management-related areas, including compliance, trusts, and lifetime gifting. For confidential planning strategies and thorough attention to your wishes, call on the professionals at Jackson Thornton.

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